Eric, along with a little angel martyr

Eric was born on July 1st, 2006. His parents, Elena and Alexandru Marca, both Romanians lived in Finland for several years. Her professional footballer, she a nurse. They had their first child was born by Caesarean section in Romania in 1998.

This second pregnancy went without complication: the mother and the baby were in good health ... until the medical team decides to induce labor.

Given the history of Elena (cesarean), a trigger was risky, and great care was appropriate. Instead, we administered the cytotec Elena (drug sadly famous for its many ravages, especially scar uterus).

2 times 50µg June 29 and June 30 and 50µg 2x 1x100 mcg and a syntocinon infusion...

300 mcg cytotec in total! There was enough to kill many times the mother and baby.

Monitoring has given several times warning: slow down the baby's heartbeat. An emergency cesarean section may have saved the baby, but that night, the team was not full ... impossible to perform a caesarean section.

Eric was born after several attempts to sucker in a state of asphyxia.

A diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia will be asked Eric was paralyzed as a result of asphyxiation and suffered serious respiratory problems throughout his short life, as well as seizures.

As for his mother, Elena, she suffered from severe abdominal pain after childbirth. It was not until five days later that a uterine rupture and internal bleeding will be diagnosed.

Eric lived only six months. His parents dedicated a blog in which they have posted this video:

See the child on life support, constantly seek oxygen. 6 long months of agony, and huge eyes, which seems to seek an answer to all his sufferings.

Are the responsible of this tragedy would be able to watch this video and support his glance???

Elena, who has watched the way her child, Babysitting heavy physical and psychological effects. Uterine rupture caused heavy damage. 8 years later, she still suffers from bleeding and pain. She will probably have to undergo a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus).

She also suffers from chronic depression and post-traumatic shock.

Still, she and her husband are fighting for justice. A ridiculous offer of compensation made to them, they refused. Their lawyer believes that accepting such an offer would be an affront to Eric and his dignity.

A first trial was unfavorable to them: They were sentenced to pay the legal costs of the other party.

They appealed and continue their struggle, like so many other victims. Not for money, the life of a child is priceless, but that it does not happen to others.

Alexandru, our hearts are with you.