The “Timeo und die anderen” Verein ist geboren:

  • Für Timeo
  • For the others
  • For the recognition of the suffer abuses on babies born under cytotec® and by their mom.
  • For the future parents to be able to take freely the good decisions regarding the birth of their children.
  • For the respect of the choices of pregnant women.
  • For no more killed babies because of the use of a medicine supposed to save them from hypothetical risks.
  • For no more filling guilt after trusting "the ones who know better than us".
  • For no more cries because a mother didn't said "No" to doctors.
  • For laws protecting the babies and parents in the hospital.

The main goal of the “Timeo and the others” Association is to give information and support about the use of misoprostol (cytotec®) to induce labour.

Firstly, the “Timeo and the others” association is the story of an encounter between two families that shouldn’t have met each other, but who lived a similar event: the birth of a child, induced with a drug called “cytotec®” (or misoprostol), which both ended in a disastrous way.

These two families were in search of explanations because the hospital hide to them the root causes, and finally discovered that cytotec® is a drug to treat gastric ulcers that was diverted from its normal use by some gynaecologists despite the fact that it was not approved in obstetric nor by the public health administrations.

Finally, thanks to websites and forums, the two families heard from each other.

It’s obvious that we are not the only victims of the improper use of cytotec® in obstetric. Many women were induced with this drug without getting any information about the potential risks or the possible alternatives.

Among these women, some are satisfied with their childbirth, others had an emergency C-section for foetal distress, others suffered a torn uterus, a severe haemorrhage and some of them lost their babies or even their lives.

That’s why we decided to found this association.

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