Heikel (English version)

It should have been a happy event. Pregnancy went well, Enzo looking forward to the birth of her little brother Heikel.

Nabiha, the mother, was followed in a large teaching hospital where she thought to benefit from the best possible care.

But now, the medical team suspected gestational diabetes (which will never confirmed) and decided to induce labor on 9 February, two weeks before the end date.

On February 7, Nabiha lost the mucus plug and some contractions settled: it would appear that the work begins to start up spontaneously... Hope...

Nabiha goes to motherhood, to which the signs of early labor, it was decided... to bring forward the labour induction.

Nabiha therefore receives 25 mcg cytotec vaginal February 8 at 7:50.

25µg of cytotec is the protocol that great CHU d'Alsace. Contrary protocol recommended by the HAS and Drug Act, since the cytotec is not allowed to trigger childbirth, but in the words of head of department « This drug is so cheap! ».

Uterine contractions settle quickly, very violent and very close on.

Work is progressing quickly to full dilation.

But around 16:30, the baby's heart rate slows down and becomes almost nonexistent.

Vacuum attempt... Failure... Emergency C-section...

Heikel is extracted from the womb to 4:50 p.m., in a state of acute respiratory distress. He was immediately transferred to intensive care unit.

As for Nabiha, cesarean section has highlighted a uterine rupture: her uterus was torn by violence contractions. Nabiha was transferred to intensive care where his condition requires a transfusion because she lost a lot of blood.

Nabiha remain two weeks in the hospital. Two long weeks that it remains suspended from the news of his son. News that will never leave him any hope of « favorable development ». Oxygen private when uterine rupture, Heikel has no chance of survival.

He died on 27 February.

Since this drama, Nabiha and her husband are struggling to access the truth for themselves, Heikel and his older brother Enzo, who does not understand why his friends have their little brothers and sisters with them while his little brother to it is the cemetery.